Cocoa Puffs, 11.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Vendor: General Mills Cereals
Pack of six, 11.8-ounce box (Total of 70.8-Ounce Boxes)Naturally and artificially flavored frosted corn puffsMore whole grain than any other ingredient - 12 grams per serving (at least 48 grams...


$ 18.99
Pack of six, 11.8-ounce box (Total of 70.8-Ounce Boxes)
Naturally and artificially flavored frosted corn puffs
More whole grain than any other ingredient - 12 grams per serving (at least 48 grams recommended daily)
Good source of calcium and vitamin D

Cocoa Puffs

Go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

Since 1958, kids across America have been going “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!”
Cocoa Puffs cereal is made with whole grain* and fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, moms can feel good about having their families enjoy the rich, chocolaty taste that drives Sonny wild.

Only Cocoa Puffs has the irresistible chocolaty taste to make you go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!
Made with whole grain
Good source of calcium
Good source of vitamin D
100 calories per serving
1.5 grams total fat per serving
No saturated fat
0 grams trans fat per serving
*At least 8 grams per serving; at least 48 grams recommended daily.

Why cereal?

When you consider the benefits of cereal, you’ll see why it is a great breakfast choice.
Ready-to-eat cereals are rich in important vitamins and minerals, yet lower in calories than many other breakfast options.
Cereal eaters also consume less fat, less cholesterol and more fiber than noncereal eaters
The benefits of Big G cereals

All General Mills Big G cereals have whole grain as the first ingredient. Just look for the white check!
Cereal is already one of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make. And the entire Big G cereal line is made with whole grains, making breakfast even healthier.
Scientific evidence that whole grain is good for your body.

Five Ways Whole Grains Can Change Your Life:
Heart health. Heart-healthy diets rich in whole grain foods can reduce the risk of heart disease.
Reduce cancer risk. Low fat diets rich in fiber-containing grain products, fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer, particularly of the stomach and colon.
Manage diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends whole grain as part of a diabetic diet.
Keep you regular. Fiber from whole grains promotes regularity and keeps the intestines working smoothly to help maintain good digestive health.
Weight management. A growing body of evidence supports that people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights and gain less weight over time than those who don’t.
Cocoa Puffs and Go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs are registered trademarks of General Mills.
American Diabetes Association is a registered trademark of American Diabetes Association, Inc

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