Turkish Toast Machine for Stove Top!!!

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Turkish Toast Machine For Stove TopLET'S TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND UNBELIEVABLE TASTEIngredients : toast bread (it's not possible to find the real toast bread out of Turkey so go for...


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Turkish Toast Machine For Stove Top
Ingredients : toast bread (it's not possible to find the real toast bread out of Turkey so go for any type of bread you can put things in the middle of bread. cheese which melts to become soft either fresh or sundried tomatoes and pickled cucumbers tomato or pepper paste sausages (there are a couple of sausages, personally I prefer o use spicy Turkish sucuk for toast and sometimes sosis and salami.) toast maker
Preparation : Chop the ingredients as seen in the photos Fry the sausages, you don't need to put oil in a frying pan as these sausages release enough fat Open the middle of the breads and spread tomato or pepper paste on both sides Put the ingredients in the middle of the breads; cheese, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and cooked sausages Press the breads with your hands and push the ingredients sticking out inside Place the breads in a toast maker or a sandwich press It's ready when the cheese melts and serve it with ayran (preferably)
Cooking tips : * Pepper paste is used for a stronger flavour. * Cheese is always placed at the bottom of the bread to make it melt quicker. * There are different types of Turkish toast classified as double cheese, vegeterian, sucuklu (with spicy Turkish sausage), mixed and supermixed. * Additional ingredients which can be used on demand for supermixed; sosis (type of sausage), salami, russian salad (made of boiled peas, diced carrots and potatoes mixed with mayonnaise), fried potatoes, chopped olives, herbs (parsley, fresh basil leaves..etc) and roasted peppers. * Russian salad ; any boiled veggies mixed with mayonnaise called Russian salad in Turkey as mixing the ingredients with mayonnaise is Russian style. * Serving it with a big glass of cold foamy ayran (yoğurt drink) is a must, but can be replaced with any other drinks.

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